A Multi-Million Dollar Business, Built on One Life Hack

Ben Simkin - CEO and Founder of BusinessNET & The Mastermind

Exponentially successful entrepreneur Ben Simkin shares the one life hack that he states in Entrepreneur.com as a "vital skill".

Exponentially successful entrepreneur Ben Simkin shares the one life hack that he states in Entrepreneur.com as a “vital skill”.

Simkin tells, “There’s really only one life hack you need to sit up and pay attention to when building your business: time management. It’s a ridiculously vital skill, yet many of us are guilty of falling behind”.

In the article titled, “The 4 Golden Rules of Millionaire Time Management”, Simkin shares, “I committed early on to wiping out distractions and managing my time with laser focus, and I am 100 percent positive that if any one thing made me a millionaire it’s having a system in place to manage my time”.

The four steps Mr. Simkin finds most effective are detailed here:

  1. Command an army of gatekeepers: Simkin shares that he has his team screen his incoming calls as it allows you to schedule a follow-up call when it suits you. Simkin tells, “Immediately after I began screening my calls I saw my own productivity explode, and I also got more value out of real life conversations instead of burning out after an over-chatty client call. Gatekeepers are worth twice what you invest”.
  2. Stop checking your email: Implementing this step, Simkin freed up 15 hours each week. He says the key to this is to either have your team check your emails and flag important ones, or batch your time when you check your emails.
  3. Make a To-Do list, and stick with it: “Doing less has allowed me to do more”, Simkin explains. As luck would have it, self-discipline becomes easier when you free up your time and your focus. Simkin highlights, “When I started to delegate more and my schedule began to clear, for the first time in my life I actually managed to cross everything off a To-Do list”.
  4. Eliminate face-to-face meetings: “There is nothing you can say in a meeting that can’t be said on a plane, in your living room or in your comfy home office”, shares Simkin. Having no meetings freed up Simkin’s time to take care of running his business, improved his mental and physical health, and reduced the number of meetings in his company BusinessNET.

Through building a multi-million dollar company on a foundation of time management, Simkin firmly states, “I believe the only productivity ‘hack’ you’ll ever need is a to-do list. Let go of your task-crowding mindset - the results may surprise you”.

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Source: Ben Simkin