Australia's Smartest Marketer Shares His $1.45 Billion Strategies

Ben Simkin, CEO of BusinessNET

Described as “one of Australia’s smartest marketers” by copywriting giant Roy Furr, the master-marketer himself Ben Simkin, CEO of BusinessNET, shares his 5 Steps to Grow Your Business into a Multi-Million Dollar Company, which he has done for numerous businesses to the total tune of over $1.45 billion in increased sales.

Simkin shared, “Whilst it may be hard to believe, successfully kick-starting your company’s growth really doesn’t take a huge amount of time as long as you are focusing on the right things. One particular company I worked with went from a loss of $500,000 to $10 million in sales within a mere 12 months, all from following my advice.”

In the article, Mr. Simkin highlights the “5 key steps you can start implementing right now to significantly grow your company towards multi-million-dollar status”:

1. Focus on the outcomes the company provides:

As Simkin describes in the article, “People want solutions. Distinctively portraying the solution that you can offer through your product is a sure-fire way to increase sales.”

Simkin uses a locksmith as an example. “If you are a locksmith, don’t simply state 'I am a locksmith.' Yes, it clearly says what you do, but it doesn’t demonstrate how you can provide a benefit to your audience. If you were to instead say 'we provide security solutions to improve our community’s safety,' you are successfully focusing on the positive outcome your services provide, which is much more likely to entice the reader towards your company.”

These strategies allow for companies to demonstrate value and provide solutions to customers in a seamless manner.

2. Take moral responsibility for achieving the client's desired outcomes:

Mr. Simkin shares how his goal has always been “to look after my clients and provide the best possible service and advice to them that I can.”

This is a lesson Simkin’s mentor Jay Abraham taught him: “to see yourself as being morally responsible for ensuring that your client gets an optimum outcome.”

Referring again to the locksmith example, Simkin elaborates. “If you provide security solutions for your community, it means you are morally obligated to oversee that everyone within that community receives the safest security possible. Ensure that every person living in the area meets with one of your consultants so that an in-depth review can be done of their home’s security systems, keys cut, screen doors, etc. It means going the extra mile, which your clients will appreciate, leaving you to reap the rewards.”

Being morally responsible also involves being completely open and honest with clients. “If someone has a limited budget and wants a cheaper product, you owe it to them to tell them if you feel it would do them a disservice. You are the expert and, provided you emphasise the benefits of taking your advice, your clients once again will appreciate your service and are more likely to take it on board to achieve their desired outcome.”  

3. Be boring:

“It is common for entrepreneurs to experience the temptation to be overly creative and take on exciting new opportunities and jobs. Whilst on the surface this may seem enticing, it is the wrong approach,” states Simkin.

“Absolutely everything should be systemised to perfection. The entire process from your phone calls, emails and sales appointments through to delivery should be meticulously organised. This means that you can feel free to step yourself away from the process without causing a halt in delivery.”

The takeaway piece for this key point: “Make it boring, repeatable and organised, and say hello to those profit rewards!” - Ben Simkin

4. Work on ways to increase profit over competitors:

“Making more profit per customer than your competitor is very important.” 

Simkin shares three ways how to do it:

  • Innovation: looking for new and better ways of doing things
  • Enhancing value: allowing companies to increase profit per customer
  • Join venturing: partnering with other companies that compliment allows for effective cross-promotion opportunities

5. Use profit wisely:

For companies that have experienced a surplus in new profit need to ensure it is used wisely. Simkin advises companies could consider putting “all of your new-found profits into a separate account to be used solely for advertising purposes. This way, you will be less tempted to use it elsewhere and will be able to keep track of exactly how much profit you’re spending.”

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Source: BusinessNET