Ben Simkin Interviews A.J. Mihrzad and Reveals Strategies for Coaches to Grow Their Business Over $1Million a Year

A.J. Mihrzad, Owner of Online Super Coach

In this article Ben Simkin, founder of BusinessNET interviews A.J. Mihrzad in his article titled, '4 Steps for Growing Your Coaching Business'. A.J. is the owner of Online Super Coach,and a mentor to fitness professionals and coaches helping them to profitably grow their incomes and become successful doing what they love.

In this article Ben Simkin, founder of BusinessNET interviews A.J. Mihrzad in his article titled, ‘4 Steps for Growing Your Coaching Business’. A.J. is the owner of Online Super Coach,and a mentor to fitness professionals and coaches helping them to profitably grow their incomes and become successful doing what they love.

The big takeaway is that it is more then possible to grow a seven figure business through coaching so long as you follow the four steps as outlined by A.J Mihrzad. The following 4 steps are A.J’s secret to success and he says, “You have to follow them consistently in order to get results”.

Step 1- Relates to being clear about your target audience. You must identify and be able to answer the following:

Who do you want to serve?

In other words who is your avatar or target market. He uses the example of the difference between a cardiologist and GP. One specialises in the heart and saves peoples lives and the other deals with more common health issues.

What is the  No. 1 problem you can solve for others? If you can’t answer this it is going to be very difficult to position yourself. A.J says, “Think about your skills, knowledge, and experience. How are you uniquely positioned to solve this problem in a powerful way?”

Who do you want to be a hero to? “When you provide life-changing results in an authentic way, you create loyal followers who will hang on your every word and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.”

Step 2 - How to easily attract your ideal clients.

A.J outlines how he puts his system together which includes all of the following:

  • Pay per click advertising:
    • Facebook ads -  enables connection through demographic, interest, and behavior based advertising
    • Google Adwords - PPC​
    • LinkedIn ads

You’ll need to allocate a budget dedicated to PPC costs. Keep in mind, testing different ad variations and campaigns is the key to turning your advertising into a profitable venture.

  • Strategic Partnerships: these work well with another business that shares the same audience as you but is not a competitor of yours.
  • Expert Positioning: through valuable online content such as blog posts, videos and other content, position yourself as an expert in your niche demonstrating you are the go-to-person to be able to solve their problems and that you really understand their, fears, frustrations and problems. 

Step 3 -  Creating an automated sales system or online funnel

Landing page or lead capture page which includes the incentive free giveaway in exchange for an email address of your prospect. It could be an email autoresponder series a Four-part video series or a Webinar.

The goal for you is to quickly build trust with your prospect showing them you are able to help them solve their problem.

Mr Mihrzad shares, “At this point, you just need to do some simple math to reach your income goals. Let’s say your goal is $1,000,000 per year. This translates into $83,000 per month. One of the best ways to achieve this level of income is by creating a 90 day transformation package. If you price this package at $5,000, you’ll only need to sell 16 packages each month to reach your income goal. If done correctly, your automated sales system will produce a very predictable and reliable income month after month.”

Step 4 -  Automating delivery of your package.

A.J. says that he has had the most profitable results offering automated 12 week group coaching programs priced at $5000 and his clients have often achieved better results.

“Every week for 12 weeks, a new piece of content is delivered through automated systems...such as email and membership sites,” Mr Mihrzad tells.

He also says, “You’ll need to decide which type of content will best serve your customers (videos, webinars, podcasts , etc.) and what information they will need to guide them through their transformation journey to the desired end result.”

A.J.does not pretend that setting this up is not a lot of work but it is work that done once pays you over and over.

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