Ben Simkin on Growing Your Business Into a Multi-Million Dollar Company In 5 Steps

Ben Simkin is widely known as "one of Australia's smartest marketers" as Roy Furr explains in the article, '5 steps to grow your business into a multi-million dollar company'.

Ben Simkin is widely known as “one of Australia’s smartest marketers” as Roy Furr explains in the article, ‘5 steps to grow your business into a multi-million dollar company’. 

A direct student of the highly acclaimed Jay Abraham, Ben Simkin has generated over $1.45 Billion in sales through online marketing and lead generation.

In the original article, shares “5 key steps you can start implementing right now to significantly grow your company towards multi-million dollar status”.

He first highlights that “successfully kick-starting your company’s growth really doesn’t take a huge amount of time as long as you are focusing on the right things” and one of his many success stories included helping one company go “from a loss of $500,000 to $10 million in sales within a mere 12 months”.

The 5 key steps as suggested by Mr Simkin to significantly grow your company towards multi-million dollar status can be implemented immediately:

1. Focus on the outcomes your company will provide: People want solutions. Distinctively portraying the solution that you can offer through your product is a sure-fire way to increase sales. Focusing on the positive outcome your services provide is much more likely to entice the reader towards your company.

2. Be morally responsible for achieving your client’s desired outcome: Simkin shared, “my goal has always been to look after my clients and provide the best possible service and advice to them that I can. But one thing that Jay Abraham, my mentor, taught me was to see yourself as being morally responsible for ensuring that your client gets an optimum outcome”.

3. Be boring: Many entrepreneurs find themselves eager to take on new opportunities and jobs, but as Simkin outlines, when you “make it boring, repeatable and organised” you can welcome to the profit rewards. Outcomes and solutions should be well defined and then broken down into a systemised process that is documented so that specific people can deliver these solutions to your clients.

4. Work on ways to increase your profit compared to your competitor: There are different ways to increase your profit as Simkin outlines; innovation, establishing new products and services, and joint venturing are three ways to leverage yourself over your competitors.

5. Use your profit wisely: Mr Simkin highly recommends that new found profits should be reinvested to grow your company. He shares, “If you can outspend the competition on their advertising budget you’ll win more business”.

Through his preeminent business approach, Ben Simkin continuously supports businesses go to new heights through his company BusinessNET, which you can visit at

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