Founder of BusinessNET and the Mastermind Shares How to Establish and Grow a Solid Network

Ben Simkin - CEO of BusinessNET

Establishing and growing a solid network is a focus for BusinessNET and Mastermind founder Ben Simkin in which he is an advocate for. He shares his insights with Molly Reynolds from Inc Magazine.

Innovative lead generation expert Ben Simkin, founder of BusinessNET and The Mastermind, who has generated over $1.45 Billion from leveraging Facebook Ads, shares his knowledge with Molly Reynolds in the online publication, Inc Magazine, titled, “How to Establish and Grow a Solid Network”.

Establishing and growing a solid network is something both advocate for, and go on to express the support they have for collaborations. Reynolds highlights, “entrepreneurs are realising that there is strength in numbers and that the future is becoming increasingly collaborative.”

A key lesson from the article is that businesses can avoid competition by focusing on collaborations, where all parties benefit – something Ben Simkin witnesses on a daily basis in his high-level mastermind group.

Collaborations are becoming more prevalent in businesses, large and small and they have allowed for new opportunities for all parties involved. As mentioned in the article, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, REV Birmingham and Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Co. were all examples of how networks can grow when they consciously decide to work together.

Director of Business Growth at REV Birmingham, Dean Gordon notes, "It shows the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing between today's entrepreneurs and the innovators of tomorrow."

Reynolds acknowledges how “a growing network is a nurturing process that is, first and foremost, all about adding value to others”.

She continues to add, “When you invest in others, they invest in you – and that’s how solid networks are built.”

Ensuring businesses surround themselves with like-minded people has become a principle of many entrepreneurs. Ben Simkin “can't stress the importance of building a network enough.” So when he's planning one of his events, he screens participants to ensure they're positive, ethical and willing to help other members.

Simkin describes a collaboration that occurred in his own Mastermind, "We had one girl who wanted to sell her cross-fit product, another member already had done something similar. So he gave her the whole marketing campaign to copy off of. That kind of thing is happening in the group every day."

This insightful interview shares the forward-thinking approach that business should adopt to help grow their own solid network. To learn more from Ben Simkin, follow him on his active Facebook page,, where he continuously shares his expertise and innovative work.

Source: BusinessNET


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