Success Worth Celebrating: The Mastermind Members, FitazFK

Aaron McAllister and Georgio Batsinilas, founders of FitazFK and members of The Mastermind

The Mastermind members and Brisbane based entrepreneur duo Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister are founders of the highly successful FitazFK - a fitness brand that delivers online programs and most recently, a 650 square metre gym facility in the inner-city suburb of Kangaroo Point.

September 22, 2017 (Newswire) -​ The Mastermind members and Brisbane based entrepreneur duo Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister are founders of the highly successful FitazFK - a fitness brand that delivers online programs and most recently, a 650 square metre gym facility in the inner-city suburb of Kangaroo Point.

Like all members of Ben Simkin’s Mastermind, these entrepreneurs are aiming high – and the execution is always matched.

“The odds of success are in the duo's favour if previous records are anything to go by having sold more than 50,000 fitness and nutrition guides online and transforming over 38,500 bodies,” tells Amanda Williams from Business News Australia.

One of the co-founders shared, “Initially, FitazFK repaid its capital investment within two days and the growth since then has allowed us to not only invest in the gym but also into Ryan Greasley’s Fitness which paid for itself in just 10 hours of going live".

Credit to their growth has also been their savvy social media marketing strategy, and Batsinilas advocates his enthusiasm to learning, he stated; “I became obsessed! I read lots of books, attended seminars and even joined mastermind groups who really understand the power of social media and we share our knowledge”.

In their feature in Business News Australia Georgio Batsinilas shares his 7 tips for social media success:

  1. Spend time learning what other successful brands are doing
  2. Keep your page set to a theme, so when people visit your page they get a sense of what your can help them achieve
  3. Always post clear images and credit anyone featured
  4. Network on the social media platforms with other brands and pages, and don’t be afraid to collaborate
  5. Be different, and choose a name that reflects that
  6. Keep on top of algorithm changes and what’s working at the time
  7. Respond to all comments, direct messages, mentions – it helps you to become the customer’s friend

The pairs success through FitazFK is something to be celebrated – to keep up to date with the growth of these Mastermind members, visit, and to learn more about The Mastermind that these motivated entrepreneurs are members of, visit