Successful Entrepreneur Reveals How Health is Linked to Success in Business

Ben Simkin, Founder of BusinessNET & The Mastermind

​Successful entrepreneur and founder of BusinessNET, Ben Simkin shares in the article, '3 Ways Glowing Health Unlocks The Doors Of Success', "It can be a very stressful time in their lives and it can be easy for them to fall into one of the biggest traps of starting a business: neglecting their health".

Mr Simkin describes, "When it comes to building a successful business, most entrepreneurs focus on issues like their product, the market, start-up capital and the logistics of building an empire from the ground up".

Business requires a lot of stamina and can be quite stressful. Business owners spend their time focusing on marketing, sales, operations, supply chains and growth projections often overlooking their own health and wellbeing. This can be the biggest trap in business and very counterproductive in the long run.

Excellent health underpins all aspects of living especially how much energy people have, which ultimately impacts productivity, including productivity in business.

In the article, Simkin shares three main points that attributes health to success which include; increased energy, motivation and appearance.

Increased Energy

When one exercises one benefits from increased energy, the release of positive endorphines which make people feel happy, keeping weight and body fat down as well as blood flow to the heart. Without exercise it is certainly harder to get through the day. People experience a more sluggish disposition without exercise which leads to less energy and less motivation and less achievement.

People who jog in the morning get a boost of energy which will certainly enable them to kickstart their day, help with focus at work and have a much greater chance of achieving their goals. Mornings are often said to be the best time to exercise for productivity.

Simkin shares, "You will not only get more work done in less time, but your work will bring you even closer to your goals than if you were low on energy and struggling to get through the day".


Those that have an interest outside of work in keeping fit and healthy often will bring that motivation to their work, work harder and are more likely to achieve their goals then those who do not. Companies that invest in gyms for their employees know that healthy, fit and motivated employees spills over into their work performance which in turn can be linked to how profitable the company is.

Simkin states, "Another reason being healthy is beneficial in business is because that is a goal in and of itself. Perhaps the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that those who fail do not try hard enough to meet their goals".


If a companies employees are fit it will generally be the case that they look more attractive than employees that are overweight and do not look after their health. This matters most with employees that work with customers especially in sales roles. First impressions are very important when it comes to selling and business. Often a fit and motivated healthy person will outperform an unfit one.

When fit sales people look attractive this often provides an air of confidence, success and intelligence. Success is not just about business results it is linked with health, fitness and appearance which leads to good first impressions and potentially more sales.

Simkin adds, "After all, appearance is part of the presentation".

Simkin closes the article stating, "it takes much more than just knowing your market and working hard in order to achieve success. Sometimes the key to success is simply looking after your own health so that you have more energy, become more productive and give off a more positive first impression to others. So if you want to succeed you should start by paying close attention to your health. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how that helps you". 

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Source: BusinessNET