The Mastermind Member Succeeding in a Government Dominated Industry

Ben Simkin and Mathieu Mariole

The Mastermind's success continues to thrive with its members continuously soaring to new heights with esteemed member Mathieu Mariole recently sharing his achievements with Kim Barrett in the Huffington Post.

The Mastermind’s success continues to thrive with its members continuously soaring to new heights with esteemed member Mathieu Mariole recently sharing his achievements with Kim Barrett in the Huffington Post.

Mr Mariole’s company as it stands “is now generating over $1 Million in sales from the smoking industry using Facebook ads”, explains Barrett.

However Mariole’s initial journey didn’t lead him down the path of hypnotherapy that he uses today – it was a conversation that he had with a previous classmate which spiked his interest in the industry, fueled by the potential he had to help the 2 million Australians quit smoking.

Looking for a fresh start, after years of being continually disappointed by third-party marketing companies, now-Mastermind member Mathieu said, “I looked for the best person in Australia to teach me how to do Facebook ads successfully. I came across Ben Simkin & Liam Donnelly and decided to go all in, joining their masterminds”.

He further explains, “I knew I was in the right place to get results. Convinced the smoking industry was a gold mine, my mentors advised me to follow through with the idea before moving onto another area of business”.

Since launching, Mariole’s enquiries were flooding in as a result of his Facebook Ad Campaign.

“It all happened fast. Initially, I did the therapy then found myself limited by the number of people I could help in a day. Since lead generation was never an issue, I got additional therapists and salespeople on board to keep up with demand. It was easy to have people join the company because there were always clients interested.

Now, I’ve franchised this marketing system to therapists across Australia, so they can get daily enquires for their practices”, tells Mariole.

Mr Mariole’s success is something all committed members at The Mastermind receive.

Mathieu goes on to explain what’s next for him in business, “The business model has come such a long way since the first ads started. First doing therapy, then hiring therapist and salespeople, to helping other therapist grow their business to now franchising our model across Australia then Europe and America. I’m excited about the direction we’re going. The potential for us to continue scaling is endless”.

For those looking to grow their business using Facebook, it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what the industry is, having the right offer in front of the right audience is always going to generate phenomenal results!

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